Unity Hours IV




Unity Hours IV is the Fourth in the sequence of songs and kiirtans that are a musical diary of my life. The name is inspired by the Books of Hours (14th Century), written as meditations on different topics for lay people. This album, written and recorded in Ireland, is a testimony to my love of this land and people, and the gift of music and transformation it has given me. Music is a way of opening the heart, mind and soul and these songs have all of these elements. My deep gratitude goes to all those who have given their support and love in making this album.

Reviews: “I want to express to you how deeply touched I am by your album, sincerely I think its the best album you ever made. It’s so touching, I don’t have the words in English to express how I experience it. It is deep, vulnerable, and yet strong, transformational and spiritual and devotional. Thank you for this masterpiece. I listen to it again and again” (Gunatiita, singer/songwriter, Sweden, Sept 2022).

“I have been listening to Jyoshna’s Unity Hours IV album on repeat for two weeks.. The album deals with universal themes, love, longing and diversity.. I love the uilleann pipes, the harp, the piano and many other instruments give the album a Celtic world music vibe.. Key highlights are “If I could swim the ocean” its really beautiful, with its highly visual imagery adding to that sense of longing, every word, every chord has a place. It’s just an absolute masterpiece, its so, so, so beautiful. ‘My Little Isabel’ deeply moved by it, it’s incredibly raw and very courageous, hugely personal. ‘We are Not Alone ” looks at diversity. Overall I love the album, its very moving and beautifully enchanting, Jyoshna, and all the team, your best album yet”.. .Jack Mac Carthy (Jiivan, Ireland)

Released August 29, 2022
This Album is Dedicated to Isabel Komalgiiti with Love


Credits: Alphabetical Order – Erik Azzopardi (Piano and Keyboards), Morgan Davies (Sarangi), Maja Elliott (Piano), Adam Fox (Electric Guitar), Philomela Amali Wyble Hohn (Harp), Sharon Howley, (Cello), Tara Howley (Uilleann Pipes and Whistle), Jyoshna La Trobe (Guitar, Vocals),Caroline Lodge (Keyboards), Pa’dhraic Mac Cionnaith (Banjo), Paul Mahony (Drums), Kavita Neumannova (Percussion), Adam Rowat (Bass), Jantien Vandenberg (Flute, Saxophone, Cello)

This Album was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Martin O’Malley, Malbay Studios, Co Clare, Ireland
Extra Backing Vocals Recorded by Michael Lloyd at Audiosuite, Waikanae, New Zealand
Album Photos: John Kelly Photography, Ireland
Album Design: Kavita Neumannova
Produced by Jyoshna La Trobe and Brendan Treacy

Special Thanks to Martin O’Malley and Michael Lloyd for their expertise and kindness, to the wonderful musicians mentioned above, to my co-producer Brendan for his sense of humour and generous support, to my loving family and friends without whom I could not have done this, and to Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar my constant inspiration.