Research and Publications
Ethnomusicology -the study of music in context.

Links: You Tube Channel: Jyoshna La Trobe

Here you will find Jyoshna’s research videos of Rarhi Kiirtan and the Shiva Gajan Festival, Rarh India. There are also videos of performances filmed in London, Brasil and Portugal.

Jyoshna La Trobe has been giving lectures on many aspects of the music culture of Rāṛh, India including praise music (kīrtan), the masked dance of the ancient warrior (Chhau) mystic songs of the Bauls and the Shiva Gajan festival. Over the past five years she has delved more deeply into the music culture of the New Zealand Māori. She has lectured on the song traditions and worked in collaboration with Richard Nunns and James Webster on taonga puoro ‘instrumental traditions’.

From 2011-2016 Jyoshna worked as a Guest Lecturer at the School of Audio Engineering, Auckland University Music School and other tertiary institutions. She has lectured at universities including University of Limerick, and Federal University of Minas Gerais, University of Caixas do Sul in Brazil.

Jyoshna also gives workshop seminars in Rāṛhi praise music (Kīrtan) and performances as well as composes music for film and Television.