Come and Enjoy the Third Online Kiirtan Course Because Kiirtan can Transform your Life.


Kiirtan is a spiritual practice that aids our meditation, it’s a supra aesthetic science and it’s also an ancient music genre that is within the majority of spiritual paths of the world.

We do it every day before meditation but do we actually really experience the supra aesthetic science of kiirtan? Have you ever thought that you would like to improve your kiirtan, become more proficient in it, further your knowledge of it and transform your life as well as those around you? If yes, then what are the obstacles in your way?

Do you have the fear of not being good enough to play at collective kiirtan?

Or feel you don’t have the support you need to improve your kiirtan?

Or feel you can’t sing well enough..?

Or feel you can’t engage others in your kiirtan?

Or find it difficult to sing and dance in rhythm…?  


If yes, then join the Third Online Kiirtan Course –

Transform your Kiirtan – Transform your life…in 7 days

One like you will never have experienced before

April 5th – April 11th, 2021.


In this Online Kiirtan Course we will learn:  

Session 1: Kiirtan History, Benefits and Traditional Knowledge- How to Gain the Knowledge of Kiirtan (Without Having to do years of research) 

Session 2: Kiirtan Rhythms and Dance – Dancing with Vitality, Throbbing in Ecstasy

Session 3: Great Voice Exercises and Kiirtan Melodies Without Losing Your Voice!

Session 4: Beautiful Kiirtan Instrumental music: Enriching the Kiirtan Flow

Session 5: Kiirtan Melodies and Sequences – How to Capture the devotional Mood

Session 6: Kiirtan Aesthetics: How To make Beautiful Kiirtan Arrangements

Session 7: Supra Aesthetics- How to Be Lost in Bliss While Still Active in Kiirtan

“This course was exactly what I was looking for. It really had lots in it for everyone in all stages of their kiirtan journey and with different musical backgrounds. Usually I go to a course and expect to have 1 or 2 gems in there, but this course was a whole treasure chest! And it also gave me connection to other kiirtaniyas is different parts of the world- I feel like I’m part of the global kiirtan family now”.

– Madhumita,  New Zealand

“I really enjoyed the Kiirtan Academy, and connecting with other kiirtaniyas from around the world… I really feel like I gained confidence.. I had a big shift on the second last day of the Course, I just woke up and decided that it was time to learn more kiirtans and to sing my own.. 

– Marion Green (Mudita), Australia

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This is the third Online Course and we can’t promise another one, so if you want to do it, don’t wait, jump in to the cosmic flow!


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There will be translators if you require it.

This is a project of HPMGL, based at Ananda Bharatii, Ireland. Bnk