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How to Be In the Flow and Feeling Bliss!

Kiirtan Academy Launch  Sunday the 2nd August, 2020 – Online and Live in Ireland Starting with a 90 minute Kiirtan at 1pm, Followed by talks from Special Guests.   This Kiirtan Academy is also Launching the:  Kiirtan Guitar Album Collection Plus its first online Course called: Transform Your Kiirtan –

From Nothingness to Reality to Empowerment


From the view point of a Spiritualist/Musician/ LBGT/ Co Parent 

This is a very brief yet honest story about how I came to be where I am today, what I’ve been through to get here, and what I am excited about right now.

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Kiirtan Guitar Booklet

Launch of the Kiirtan Guitar Booklet! By Jyoshna La Trobe (PhD) The Paperback and Ebook of the Kiirtan Guitar Booklet is here! It has musical notation and guitar chords with the Baba Nam Kevalam universal mantra. It’s the first Kiirtan Guitar booklet ever on Amazon! Learn new tunes and

Starlight Kiirtan

Starlight Kiirtan The song Starlight came about after reading one of P.R Sarkars discourses on the influence of starlight on our lives, which is on Unity Hours III and from that song came the kiirtan. It really has the feeling of being among the stars for me mixed with devotion.