Articles by JM-Mark

Kiirtan Guitar Booklet

Launch of the Kiirtan Guitar Booklet! By Jyoshna La Trobe (PhD) The Paperback and Ebook of the Kiirtan Guitar Booklet is here! It has musical notation and guitar chords with the Baba Nam Kevalam universal mantra. It’s the first Kiirtan Guitar booklet ever on Amazon! Learn new tunes and

Starlight Kiirtan

Starlight Kiirtan The song Starlight came about after reading one of P.R Sarkars discourses on the influence of starlight on our lives, which is on Unity Hours III and from that song came the kiirtan. It really has the feeling of being among the stars for me mixed with devotion.

Unity Hours III Launch

New Album Launch, June 2nd at Mount Shannon Arts Fesitval 4pm in the Marquee Jyoshna launches her new album ‘Unity Hours III’, at the in the marquee on Sunday June 2nd, at 4 pm. Jyoshna’s lyrical songs from the West Coast of New Zealand shed light on an artists

Songs of the New Dawn

Songs of the New Dawn are composed by the Indian composer Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sakar, called in Bengali, Prabhat Samgiit. There are over 5000 songs, and each one is a jewel, expressing love, devotion and social inclusion. They give insights into many topics, social, political, psychological, and spiritual, placing them

Christina and Jyoshna Concert 6th July 2019

Concert on 6th July 2019 at Sunrise Farm, Whitegate, Co. CVlare with Christina Tourin, international harp player and founder of the International harp therapy programme and Jyoshna. Jyoshna and Christina have recorded innumerable albums together and tonight’s concert will include some of the most renowned songs such as Tiny Green