Songs of the New Dawn

 Songs of the New Dawn -Ryans Bar 28th September 2019
Songs of the New Dawn are composed by the Indian composer Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sakar, called in Bengali, Prabhat Samgiit. There are over 5000 songs, and each one is a jewel, expressing love, devotion and social inclusion. They give insights into many topics, social, political, psychological, and spiritual, placing them within a deeply humanitarian perspective. They fit within many genres of Indian music, including folk or jhumur, mystic songs or Baul, semiclassical and so on and there are also a few songs written in English too.
Our Guest Singer tonight is Pritilata, of Indian origin and presently residing in Germany, and expert in Prabhat Samgiit.
Kavita and I will also perform some favourites of mine, including the mystic Baul songs of Rarh, a region where I have spent many years resaerching and delving into the music.