Live in Brazil




Live in Brazil’ Kiirtan Album, is full of sensuous Brazilian rhythm and cadence with a touch of Indian euphoria. Recorded in 2011 in Sao Paulo, it is a collaborative project with a group of wonderful Brazilian musicians. There are six original Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtans and one from Rarh, the ‘Guru Krpa hi Kevalam‘.  The ‘Children’s Kiirtan March’ Kiirtan will have you singing and clapping along as well. A transformational album with majestic voices and glorious harmonies accompanied by the guitar, Brazilian percussion, Indian khol drum and harmonium. Full of effervescent mysticism, this album will open your heart and make your heart explode with love. Its a Must in your Kiirtan Collection for its beauty, variety and dynamism. It will have you singing along in no time!