Avarta Kirtan III


Mantra music



This album is a unique collection of Jyoshna’s kiirtans recorded live at Sunrise farm accompanied by Jyoshna on guitar, the African Oud, and Gembri by Arpankumar,  Kavita on the Indian khol drum and Ramadeva on cymbals. Singers included Saskia, Jiivan, Jyoshna, Ramadeva and Arpankumar.
Three of the kiirtans are deeply devotional and romantic including ‘If I could Swim the Ocean Kiirtan’, ‘Kiirtan from a Dream’, ‘Loving Baba Kiirtan’, one is social ‘She Aint Heavy Kiirtan’. There is a collaborative kiirtan called ‘Neko Kiirtan’ by Arpankumar and Jyoshna, a Prabhat Samgiita Kiirtan ‘Vasanteri Agamane’ or Spring kiirtan and a  Kiirtan for Isabel. The sounds of sonic fusion, exoticism and delight spring out from this album in service to the Supreme.
We are singing the mantra Baba Nam Kevalam “Only the name of our most beloved’ as it resounds throughout the universe, bringing us together in this Cosmic dance towards the Supreme.