Avarta Kirtan II


Mantra music



The Kiirtan Mantra Baba Nam Kevalam by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji , means Baba or ‘most Beloved’, Nam ‘name or vibration’ and Kevalam is ‘all and everything’, or ‘love is all there is’.

This album was recorded live at Sunrise farm with an unbelievable choir from all over the globe. We had fourteen brilliant singers/musicians accompanying together singing and playing live including Amrta (singer, mouth harp, harmonium, didjeridoo, percussion), Brigunath (singer), Cesar (Singer) Didi Ananda Prama (singer), Jantien Vandenberg (flute and cello), Jiivan (singer of Irish and mantra), Jyoshna (lead singer, guitar), Kalyan (singer, percussion), Kavita (khol drum, percussion), Inga Marcel (violin, singer), Mayatiita (singer), Mudita (singer, percussion, bass guitar), Roxanne Leonard (Celtic harp), Saskia Byrne (singer of Irish and mantra).

The song Tiny Green Island (Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar) is performed first followed by seven wonderful kiirtans: Kiirtan on the way to Meeta’s, Victory Kiirtan, Clarion Calls Kiirtan, Isabel’s Butterfly kiirtan, Embrace me Kiirtan all composed by Jyoshna, with Dharma Kiirtan and Tiny Green Island Kiirtan composed by P.R.Sarkar.

We are very grateful to Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji for giving us such a sublime philosophy, spiritual inspiration and opportunity to serve humanity.