Unity Hours II


Recorded 2010 in England, London

Tracks album 1:

1. None more beautiful than him
2.Sakal maner vina
3. Mermaid
4. The first time
5. Everywhere I turn
6. The letter kirtan
7. Take my mind
8. In the Night
9. How can I say goodbye
10.Egan thamibe na

Tracks album 2:

10 kirtans

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Jyoshna’s double album Unity Hours II ( 1 album -songs & 2 album – kiirtan) is the second of a sequel, produced by Jyoshna and gold medallist Michael Lloyd, a producer who has several gold and platinum album credits to his name, as well as many television and film awards (including BAFTA nominations).

ne CD has love, devotional, and socially/politically inspired songs, and the other is mantra music. There are many awesome musicians playing with me on the albums including Shzr Ee Tan (piano,accordian), Michael Lloyd (keyboards, bass), Sabrina Rakcheyeva (Violin) Erik Azzopardi (piano), Morgan Davies (sarangi, electric guitar), Pranav Bihari (tabla), Kalyani Bihari and Sarala Ustrech (backing vocals), Shanai (Galtu Kalindi), dhol drum by Sriti Da Sahis, Kavita Neumannova (khol drum) and many more. And of course it is produced by my long time friend and absolutely amazing producer Michael Lloyd. Your feedback is really appreciated so if you want to write a review for me, I will send you a few bonus tracks. Many thanks and have a lovely day!