Red Earth Fusion


Reorded 2006 in USA


1. Daspera Raginii
2. Radha’s Longing
3. Sunni
4. Daspera Raginii finale
5. Lover / Beloved
6. Cascading Tears
7. Shiva Rainjan

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Seven distinctive and beautiful kiirtan tunes sung by Jyoshna, inspired by the sounds and rhythms of Rarh.
This album of traditional and contemporary Rarhi inspired kiirtans. This was performed and recorded ‘live’ in one 70 minute take at Sudhira’s Studio Gallery at Ananda Kanaan, Summer retreat in 2006. Featuring vocals by Jyoshna, Anjali, Giita, Didi Anumaya, Didi Cirasmita, Didi Prema, and Didi Ananda Ragamaya. Mixed by Jagad Banhu.