Land of Enchantment



1. Journey to the Land of Enchantment (4:54)
2. Welcoming Melody (2:56)
3. Stories from the Forest (4:35)
4. Dwarfs are Dancing (4:45)
5. Little Dove (4:58)
6. Deep Blue Lake (5:19)
7. Circle of Fairies (4:09)
8. Twinkling Stars (4:03)
9. Crescent Moon Lullaby (5:05)

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This beautiful collection of lullabies and repetitive, rhythmic incantations creates a gentle environment suitable for massage, or putting baby to sleep. Jyoshna lends her sweet angel voice to the tunes performed by the well known Celtic harpist, Tina Tourin and guitarist/flautist Nils Vinjor.