Unity Hours III




The third in the sequel of Unity Hours, this album follows my life from around 2011 – 2016. The songs were written at my home at the black sanded surf beachTe Henga (Bethells)near Auckland in New Zealand. The song Come Away with Me for example, was directly inspired the sea, and is a love song no doubt but with a quirky riff that just came to me one day, that creates an unsettled mood among the soft sensuality and surrender.A different kind of song mood is created in Lightning in Me, also written in my home at Te Henga as it’s a story with a message about finding sincerity in life. A very special song on this album for me, is To Watch the Sky Smilingas the lyrics were written as a poem by my mother Toni La Trobe (1932-1990) that I discovered long after she passed away. This song expresses the beauty and wisdom embodied in her soul.

Michael Lloyd, friend and music producer living in NZ, has made a brilliant job of producing my album. His atmospheric sounds create a myriad of different landscapes woven around the lyrics and melodies to create a colourful journey from beginning to end.

The next one Unity Hours IV covering 2016-19, has been composed already in Ireland and will be recorded here this year.

The love/lover celebrated in many of these songs is perhaps better understood in the Sufi meaning of the word “beloved” given the spiritual import of these lyrics which exude a sublime joy about life, the natural world and especially the great unknowables which remain tantalisingly beyond reach but give her a spiritual compass.
We’ve probably said this before, but it bears repeating: Jyoshna is unique. Graham Reid, August 2019