Sounds of Silence


Recorded 1996 in New Zealand, Auckland

Part 1, the cycle of creation, is expressed in the first two tracks:
1. Shiva’s rattle – Thunderstorms (recorded in Rarh) – Riversounds (recorded in Anandanagar) – Devii kiirtan
2. Bird song – Tantra Pith 1 kiirtan
Part II, the inner sounds, are represented in the final four tracks:
3. Sound of crickets – Rarhi dreams kiirtan
4. Ankle bells – Kiirtan thrill
5. Flute sound – Purii kiirtan
6. Ocean sound – Tumi Amar kiirtan – bell sounds

Recorded and mixed by Michael Lloyd at More Fm Studios.

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‘Sounds of Silence’ Kiirtan Album, is another Classic, recorded and mixed in Auckland, New Zealand, by Michael Lloyd (Gold Medallist Producer). It was written in India and is a thematic album inspired by the ‘Sounds of God’ discourse by P. R. Sarkar. It includes five originals including ‘Devii Kiirtan’ aka Compassionate One’, Tantra Pith I and  a melodious kiirtan tune from the renowned Prabhat Samgiita Collection. Natural sounds such as rain, crickets, ocean, flute and bells, are interspersed with the kiirtans to resonate with the different sounds heard in deepening states of meditation. Transcendental in sonority, with sublime voices accompanied by guitar, tamboura, the Shiva damaru drum, fiddle, Indian flute and a harmonious chorus.

This album will take you on a journey through valleys and crests of spiritual yearning, gently pulling you into the spiritual flow with exhilarated emotion. It’s for every serious Kiirtan Collector, yet so simple to sing along to.

Sounds of Silence represents the cycle of creation (Brahmacakra) and the acoustic sounds the sadhaka is said to hear in intense concentration as the mind progresses to successively higher inner levels of meditation.

Kirtan ( mantra music) composed in India by Jyoshna, combined with recordings of the ocean, river, and rain-storms, the flute and bells. These are arranged in a sequence which represents the inner sounds heard in ever deepening states of meditation.
A thematic album, based on a spiritual discourses by philosopher P.R. Sarkar called the ‘Sound of Silence’