Reddish Blossom


Recorded 2004 in Kanary Island


1. Reddish Blossom (Raktim Kishalay)
2. I Wonder Who You Are (Ke Go Ke Go Tumi)
3. Oh My Love Come Closer (Tumi Nikata Hayete)
4. In The Summer Holidays (Griisma Bakashe)
5. With The Swaying Of The Flowers (Ek Nutaner)
6. You’ve Come Today To Think Of All (Tumi Je Esecho Aj)
7. Griisma Bakashe
8. Ek Nutaner
9. Tumi Je Esecho Aj
10. Tomare Bhalobashi

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Reddish Blossom contains Prabhat Samgiita songs in both English and Bengali versions.  An interesting opportunity to hear the same songs as originally composed, and in English versions.