Rawa I


Recorded 2007 in England, London


1. Nayaneri Tara Tumi (variation 1)
2. Nayaneri Tara Tumi (variation 2)
3. Sonali Bhor
4. Tumi Dhara Dile
5. Dujane Yakhan
6. Tumi Kothay
7. Singing Songs
8. Travelling Man
9. Hunterdro
10. Celtic Villages
11. Golden Lotus
12. Mermaid Song
13. Ray of Divine Light
14. Kiirtan
15. Nayaneri Tara Tumi (variation 3)

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A compilation of Prabhat Samgiit, devotional songs and instrumentals by the London RAWA band and UK artists, including Jyoshna, Divyendu, Brajesh, Indranath, Shzr Ee Tan, Mayatiita and others. The songs are either from Prabhata Samgiita orĀ inspired by the composer Sri Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. It is a beautiful collection of devotional songs with a few instrumentals and one kiirtan.
This album was released in 2007 by RAWA UK, to mark the 25th anniversary of Prabhat Samgiita