Dharma Cakra


Recorded 2014 in New Zealand, Auckland


1.Vajra Kathora
2. Bandhu Amar
3. Ananda Sutram Kiirtan
4. Break Down Kiirtan
5. Samgaccadvam
6. Forest Meditation
7. Nityam Shudam and Guru Vandana
8. The Cycle of Creation (Ananda Sutram, Chapt 1)

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‘Dharmacakra’ begins with devotional songs such as Prabhata Samgiita ‘songs of the new dawn’, composed by P.R.Sarkar. The first one is titled Vajra Kathora (no 1565).
Next we sing Kiirtan, with the ‘Baba nam kevalam’ mantra, given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti on 8 Oct 1970. Baba means ‘deepest inner self’, ‘supreme consciousness’, ‘most beloved’, ‘nam’ means ‘only, ‘surrrender’, ‘name or vibration’, and ‘kevalam’ means ‘only’, ‘everything’, ‘Supreme Consciousness is all there is’ or ‘the name of the Beloved only’.
Following kiirtan there is the Rk Vedic chant ‘Samgaccadvam’, song of unity, which is sung three times before beginning meditation. After collective meditation the following mantra is repeated:Nityam Shudam and Guru Vandana ‘offering of the colours of the mind’ also sung three times. After Guru Vandana we have Dharma Shastra, a reading on a spiritual topic. In this case, I have composed the music to Ananda Sutram (Chapter 1) or the Cycle of Creation, and underneath each sutra there is a brief translation.