Dancing Divinity


Recorded in 1999 in Auckland


1.   Spain 
2.   Carino 
3.   Ami Jedeke Takai 
4.   Rhum Jhum 
5.   So Beautiful 
6.   Devi Kirtan 
7.   Gold 
8.   Lips Don’t Want To Kiss 
9.   Spain Remix

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This album is intended as recording of the ‘Touch by the Sea’ performance at the Sweetwaters Music festival in January, 1999. Though many of us remember it as a financial farce, it was also and extraordinary event that hosted an outstanding hotpot of New Zealand and overseas talent and provided a unique opportunity to local artists and performers to show their work.
From my perspectives as a performer and music lover it was a very creative and often inspiring experience.
Hence I have endeavored to record the songs from this performance in a way that would recreate some of the ‘live’ sound and energy of the night.

Ami Jedeke Takai and Rhum Jhum are Prabhat Samgiita in Bengali, the rest are original compositions in English. 

Vocals – Jyoshna
Keyboard arrangements – Christopher Bank
Cello – Gian Fariburn
Mrdangam – Gokulan
Engineered – Michael Lloyd
Assemblance & vocal recordings – Jelly
Cover art work – Paul Anderson
Photography – Teresa Franco Suarez