Chhou dance music from Purulia, Rarh, India


Ostad Sristidhar Sahis (Dhol), Ostad Ghaltu Kalindi (shahnai), Jalanhar Tudu (dhamsa), Sushil Soren (maracas, Dr Sukendu Biswas (Director)

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The Royal Chhau Dance MUsic: A Rare recording
During her post graduate research on the Music Culture of Rarh, India, Jyoshna met the brilliant Chhau dance muusicians of Purulia. Following this, the Royal Chhau Dance Company from went on tour around NZ with the sponsorship of Asia 2000 and Manuaku Institute of Technology. They made a recording of their music at SAE, recorded and mixed it by Karsten Schwardt and produced by Jyoshna La Trobe.